About us

About Us
Dive into the brilliance of automation technology that gives your lifestyle a luxurious uplift.

About us

Do you want to get yourself the ease and comfort along with the speed of the technology at your home? Then Aucam Cinema is the best destination to opt for. Aucam Cinema works to provide you with seamless solutions with the creativity of technology that makes your home smart. Thus luxury is no more an unattainable dream to achieve. We bring it to your home, office, and entertainment spaces.
Along with our expert engineers, we strive to give you the high-end technology-based service to transform your lifestyle. Therefore, we ensure you give the best set of indoor and outdoor spaces with immersive technology. Whether it is your home or a business or commercial complexes, we deliver you the best set of solutions to make your life luxurious and better.



Our service includes the complete automation of home and commercial places, which ensures you the best luxury. Whether it is the smart home installation, or home theatre installation, or CCTV camera, and high-end security implantation, we offer you everything in a breeze.



We strive to give you the best immersion into the speed and convenience of technology. This is why we work to bring automation to your place, which is efficient in making your life luxurious and comfortable.



Our mission is to bring the greatness of technology to every door. This is why we offer you the high-end technology incorporation, which helps you to stay ahead with your life’s needs. Thus we work to give your life more speed.

Security System Innovation

We swear by the innovation of security system technology. This is why we ensure the use of technology in every step. To make your home smart, we connect your home devices to one network so that you can enjoy the home automation with brilliance. So whether you forget to switch off the light or the air conditioner, or you want your geyser on before you enter your home, the smart home automation covers you. At the same time, enjoy the seamless security with the CCTV and home alarm installation at the same network. Also, we do not let you down when the matter is about entertainment. Our seamless home theatre and sound installation let you enjoy the best of times every day at your place.

We install the products required for the networking purpose of the well-known companies.

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Customer Support

Our customer support team is always here to assist you. Feel free to contact us anytime.

Quality Gurantee

Our main focus is providing you the best quality services in your area. Our installers are constantly watched & monitored by a supervisor when it comes to the matter of providing quality service.

Experienced Trainers

We have a team of trained and experienced installers that can change your property to a smarter and more secured place.


We provide highly customizable home automation solutions suitable to your particular needs.

We install all the products that are used for networking purposes of only the well-known companies

Here is a glimpse of the Quality Brands