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Business Security

Operating a business means you need to know what’s going on all the time. A complete commercial security package allows you to:

  • Check on your stock and storage areas
  • Monitor who is arriving and leaving the property
  • Ensure your staff are where they are meant to be
  • Keep your employees safe during their working hours
  • Access data via your mobile phone when you’re away
  • Notify authorities immediately if anything untoward occurs
  • Manage you systems remotely

Aucam provide a range of options with a wide variety of quality BRANDS to meet your requirements and your budget.

Your business security plan can include security alarms, CCTV, intercom systems and access control systems. Aucam is recognized as the business security specialist taking time to understand your concerns and implementing an integrated plan that keeps your assets, your equipment and your people safe.

When your business relies on people and stock moving throughout the premises as all times of the day, you need to know that the security steps you have taken help to protect your business. It’s not just a matter of fraud, theft or damage, your integrated business security system ensures your workforce is safe and that any dangers or hazards to their safety are easily monitored. Having an integrated solution incorporating business alarms systems, CCTV, security intercom systems or access control systems means you can be informed about any risk, hazard or danger immediately.

Staff performance is crucial to your business success. If you workers are taking unscheduled breaks or performing their tasks in a careless or risky fashion, you are informed and can take appropriate action to ensure your business and your reputation are safe.

Whatever security steps you need to take, Aucam can recommend the appropriate solution. Different security measures assist your business throughout the day.

  • CCTV assists with monitoring multiple areas of your business 24/7 so any unforeseen risk or criminal behavior can be detected.
  • Security Alarms warn you of break-ins or intruders immediately.
  • Intercom systems allow you to manage movement of people, product or equipment throughout your premises
  • Access Control keeps a record of all movements throughout your business and control who can enter specific areas at specified times during the day.

Aucam can determine the right combination of services you need to keep your business safe.