Different Types and Features of Home Theatre Systems

A home theatre is also popularly known as a home cinema that comes with multiple audio and video components. It is used mainly to enhance the audiovisual effects of your regular TV. It gives you a theatre-like experience while you are at home. But before purchasing a home theatre, make sure to design your room accordingly. The major types of home theatres are given below.

In-a-box home theatre system

Most of this type of home theatre generally comes with five surround-sound and good quality speakers. You also get an amplifier or disc player, cables, a subwoofer, A/V receiver, a blue-ray or DVD player. As it is sold as a whole unit, one does not need to buy its parts individually, thus making it convenient to use. Although all of the units are connected via wirings, it may look a bit unorganized. But the best part is that all of the components will work together, uniformly and seamlessly, and will offer you the best experience. The all-in-one setup comes easily within your reach and hence becomes easy to use.


A soundbar produces a stereo effect. A soundbar is a long and thin bar composed of multiple loudspeaker drivers inside that works together to produce a surround sound effect. It is the most popular currently and is in high demand. They have a sleek and trendy look besides generating superior and clear sound. Many models also come with a separate subwoofer, which is generally wireless and can also be used as a supplement. Soundbars are usually smaller in size and look compact. The compact design contributes to flexibility and can be easily positioned because of its sleekness. They are not only easy to use but are also less expensive than the other units.

Component system

The component system comes with speakers, an A/V receiver, and any other components like a disc player. All of the elements come separately, and it may become challenging to set up altogether correctly, keeping all of them in the proper place. Before purchasing all the components of this home theatre system individually, you must know about the correct parts, their quality, and the appropriate procedure to assemble them. It is best to take expert help in this situation. Purchase must be made based on HDMI compatibility, speaker impedance, cabling, and power handling. However, the efforts are worthy as the outcome remains remarkable. Because buying separate components will lead to improved audio and video quality, and you will have the best experience ever.

Floor-standing speakers

If you want to create a movie theatre experience effectively, floor-standing speakers can be a good choice. The large standing chambers of this type of unit deliver robust surround effects. It is perfect for video games and movies. The sleek and long design also contributes to the surround sound. As these speakers are large, they can be put straight on the floor. But it doesn’t mean that they will sound any less if planted on the floor. If a person sits in a decent sitting position, he or she can experience the ideal sound effects. Multiple woofers are included with the unit, and the best models come with an exclusive mid-range driver. They look great in any setting and can be easily placed almost anywhere.

In-ceiling and in-wall speakers

The homes that have lesser space for standing speakers can have in-ceiling and in-wall speakers. These types of speakers are fixed in the ceilings or walls and produce good sound quality. These speakers are mounted on the wall but can still offer high-quality sound without messing up the decor. One or two ceiling speakers produce mellow background music that makes it perfect for dining rooms. Many ceiling speakers come with tweeters, and you can adjust the direction. They act as surround and adds music to a small place. They are self-enclosed and thus produces excellent bass and gives you an authentic experience.


With the emergence of new technologies and changes in research, the market of home theatre systems will continue to upgrade. The market consists of multiple types of home theatres with a wide range of styles, structures, design, and placement of units. It entirely depends on your needs and the experience you want to have, to buy a particular home theatre system.

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