Platinum Care


* This product must be purchased alongside when we install Alarm or CCTV systems, or within 1 month of installations

Think about it as an insurance package, we’ve installed your Alarm or CCTV system and what if someone mess things up and your system and you would like us to have a look at it. Generally, a call out fees is charged for $120 plus $80 per hour, so this may be applied to you multiple times a year.

But for just $20 per month we got you covered, We call you to make sure everything is in order every 2-3 months.

If you have valid platinum club membership with us and we won’t charge any call out or hourly fees to you. This is actually a good deal considering that stuff happens and you pay minimum when it matters.

Other benefits to our club members are that, if there is a software update available we will let you know via email so we can arrange a time to upgrade firmware on your Alarm or CCTV systems.

From time to time, we also offer a special discount to our club members.

Plus on every product we install, there is an extended warranty of 24 months for that extra piece of mind.



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