Top 5 Things to Consider Before Buying a CCTV Camera System for Your Home

Potential intruders may prompt you to install a capable CCTV camera system. You are looking for one thing regardless of the reason, and it is safe. Heavy doors and sturdy windows can no longer be relied upon. Thus, you need a unit that offers a decent quality image and is budget-oriented. The things you need to consider before choosing a security unit are given below.

Determine your purpose

It is crucial to understand your reason behind purchasing a CCTV camera system. For domestic purposes, you can go for a system having 2 mega-pixel HD picture clarity, as they work fine within 20-25 meters of range. For outdoor purposes, you need to get done a CCTV camera installation with a higher range of at least 5MP. If you consider an inefficient system for your home purpose, you will not be able to meet your expectations. Especially, getting sure of the range you need to cover is essential. It is an obvious fact that no one will compromise their securities. Thus, knowing the purpose is necessary to determine the quality and the coverage you need.

Image quality and storage

The modern CCTV cameras can produce a resolution of 720p videos even in 1MP and 1080p. Obviously, the more the resolution, the better will be the video quality. But this means that you will also require a considerable amount of storage. If you have a device having internal storage in terabytes, purchasing a high-resolution camera may be worth it. But, the cameras with internal storage will not be sufficient. Many modern models have a feature of self-erasing videos once it gets filled. It will cause recording loss problems. A camera with 1MP can consume an approximate space of 38GB. Before purchasing, make sure you have the necessary storage and the proper resolution.

Always purchase from certified providers

Before making an order, make sure that you are getting it from certified and reputable service providers. In addition to the company’s warranty, most of the certified and well-known providers offer after-sales services. This cost is often included with the CCTV camera installation price, or you may need to pay for it separately. Most of the common problems like relocating the camera, sifting it for a better view, wiring problems, cleaning the gadget, or even forgetting the password of the application, can lead you to the door of your service provider. Make sure that your service provider can help and support you in the needful hours.

The ease of installation

The wireless systems are the easiest to install, as there is no involvement of any cables. The ease of installation mostly depends on mounting and positioning the system. Some cameras have a sticky pad and magnetic base, making them easy to be mounted. But, for a long-term purpose, the most reliable way is to screw-up the unit. The units with good pan or tilt may not require up-to-mark positioning. You may place them on an up-risen wardrobe or table. A CCTV camera installation may need expert help, as it involves drilling holes, hammering, and screwing the molding pins. 

Select a waterproof and sturdy unit

If you are planning to set-up the camera for outdoor purposes, first of all, make sure it is waterproof. For example, if you want to keep an eye on the in-front space of your shop, having a waterproof unit is a must. A waterproof and sturdy camera will give surveillance even in rough weather conditions. A sturdily built unit is comparatively more durable and reliable than the others. It is right that a security system always protects you from intruders and other hazards, but a waterproof camera adds another layer of protection as they cannot be easily stashed down even in snowfall and rainfall.


The most important thing is that your budget must not compromise the purpose. The key consideration is the image quality before making a purchase. However, the higher the clarity and resolution, the greater storage capacity you will need to record the video. Thus, picking up the correct storage without compromising the budget is critical for the best reliability and performance of a CCTV camera system.

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