Types of Cameras for CCTV Installation

While you are thinking of bringing in more security to your home, you need to pick a camera that goes suitable for your CCTV installation. The market is flooded with a large variety of CCTV cameras when it comes to determining the right type for the installation.

So, while you are opting for a top-notch CCTV security installation at your home, you need to know about all the types which are available in the market. Here are the various types of CCTV cameras that you can get. Have a look:

Bullet CCTV cameras:

The bullet CCTV cameras come with a unique design that makes them highly visible. It usually comes in a cylindrical shape and is usually used for having a long-distance observation. If you are searching for a CCTV camera that suits finely for the outdoor needs, then this one is great. It is resistant to any kind of dirt or diverse weather conditions. If you are looking for a camera for industrial purposes that this one is great to capture all the passers-by.

Dome CCTV cameras:

The dome CCTV cameras usually come in the shape of a dome. The structure comes with a dome shape casing where the camera stays. It is great to maximize the security measurements as it is hard for anyone to see in which direction the camera is pointing. It is highly suitable for any kind of indoor and outdoor installation. Also, the 360-degree rotation easily covers all the angles of a place.

C-Mount CCTV cameras:

The C-mount CCTV cameras come with detachable lenses, which are easy to switch around the monitors from a variety of distances. The special lenses of the camera are easy to an extent beyond the 40 feet of range. With this came the long distances that are highly visible. It comes with a rugged camera casing that protects the camera from various weather conditions. Also, it includes waterproof housing, which makes it ideal for observing a stretch of a road and premises.

Day/ Night CCTV cameras:

The day/night CCTV cameras are specifically created to operate in a very effective way regardless of the lighting condition. It performs well in both the daytime and the nighttime. These cameras are brilliant in recording clear video images in any kind of lighting condition. It usually comes with an extra sensitive imaging chip which makes it highly capable of providing security for the business premises.

PTZ Pan tilt and Zoom cameras:

WITH the PTZ camera, you can brilliantly switch on to the security along with proper control on what to record and what to not.  By touching a button, the camera lens can plan accordingly left and right. Also, it can tilt up and down or Zoom in and out as per convenience. The pan-tilt offers 360 degrees of field vision. Also, the image resolution is very brilliant, and it comes with facial features which are easy to distinguish.

Infrared/ Night vision CCTV Cameras:

For the CCTV installation to get an optimal recording in the night light, this one simply works in the right ways. It is designed properly to operate even in pitch-black conditions. It uses infrared technology. The infrared models come with an LED that allows clear recording in any situation. The infrared cut filter usually activates in the daytime for capturing clear images. Also, it works optimally in fog or dusty conditions.

Wireless CCTV cameras:

The Wireless CCTV cameras are high in demand as it is very easy to install. It usually does not use any kind of wires for the connectivity. It is easier to install than any other variants. The wireless cameras come with the secured storage, which is very easy to access. The images easily transmit over the internet so that you can simply view them from anywhere.

High-definition CCTV Cameras:

The High-definition CCTV cameras usually come with impeccable picture quality with high clarity. It delivers the 720p solution for the images. Thus, there is no risk of images becoming grainy or distorted in any situation. The extra clarity is easy to achieve through the zoom function. Most importantly, it is available in other above-mentioned variants.


Bringing in the right CCTV camera can give you access to more and more security. Picking a camera that perfectly aligns with your need is going to give you the flexibility to capture anything you want. Thus, pay attention to picking the right model.

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