High-End Authority of Your Home What about having automated features with accuracy for your house? Aucam Cinema builds
a high-end technology-based security system for each room of your home.
Create a Smart Home with Innovative Technologies A home with advanced technology is nothing but divine to live in. Aucam Cinema equips
your house with the best internet-driven smart features to transform it into an intelligent home.
Ensure Smart Home Security Use smart technologies to ensure the accuracy of your home’s security system. Aucam Cinema creates a
smart home security system with advanced features to add more motion to your life.

Elevate Your Home with latest Security System Technologies

Our goal is to make your buildings smarter with advanced security system features and modernize your lifestyle so that you can float on the technology-based faster life with ease.

What is Aucam Cinema for You?

Aucam Cinema is an Australia-based company that started with the goal to spread the advancement of technology to each door. We work as one of the leading companies that deal with the best smart security system installation in homes. Aucam Cinema believes that technology has the power to change your lifestyle while adding the brilliance of comfort to your home.
We strive to reach ‘above & beyond imagination.’ Our technology installers work with much efficiency to provide you with an Avant-grade solution for security and automated technologies in your home and workplace. We deal with the installations of HD CCTVs, internet-driven security devices, video intercoms, security alarms, etc., which ensure safety and keep your lifestyle upgraded with the never-ending inventions and automation.
Our efficient team aims to give our customers the best suggestions based on their requirements. Therefore, Aucam brings to you high-end technology to create smartness in a breeze in your home.

Aucam Security System Installation Service

Our goal is to make your buildings smarter with advanced high-tech Security System Installation Service and modernize your lifestyle so that you can float on the technology-based faster life with ease.

CCTV Installation

Aucam Cinema offers you the efficient CCTV Installation Systems at your place with the aid of the latest technologies to enhance the security of your home or building. With an automated pre-wiring system and wireless access points, we strive to create a smart installation of high-end computerized CCTV cameras at your home. We facilitate the assessment of proper areas for the installation of cameras and high-quality video coverage with easy functionalities.

Security Alarm Installation

With automated security alerts, Aucam Cinema provides you access to a wide range of security coverage at your place so that you can secure your assets well enough. A top-notch security sensor is going to alert you about any unknown thing or person approaching the entryways. Aucam Cinema enables you to monitor the security alarms on your smart devices 24×7, with convenience.

Home Theatre Installation

Unleash the amazing experience of enjoying a theatre-like show at your home with Aucam Cinema’s home theatre installation services. We help you to install a wide range of exclusively designed THX-certified theatres at your place. Our THX-certified theatre installment with bright and high-resolution screens along with the proper assortment of speakers gives you an amazing experience of a theater at your home’s comfort.

Home Automation

Aucam offers you a home automation solution, Control4, which gives you automated control on your house with smart lighting, smart intercom, enhanced safety, and an intelligent security system to make your life more comfortable.

CCTV & Camera Installation

To ensure top-quality security at your place, CCTV cameras work with much brilliance. And that is why Aucam Cinema offers you the proficient installation of CCTVs and Cameras at your place so that you can have the best control over your security at your fingertip.


Aucan Cinema facilitates a strong network service to give your building better connectivity with convenience. Aucam’s networking system thus comes with the best smart facilities to equip your home properly.

Make Your Home Project Smart and Innovative

Aucam is always here to resolve all your queries regarding creating a smart home. We can even help you find an inventive partner in your area. You can share your ideas with us, and we will serve you with the best security system solutions for all your requirements.

    Rohit Sharma

    you get what you pay for..installed Hikvision cameras at my place as advised by Raghbir dhanjal.Best security cameras..thanks AUCAM


    Marc Pallisco WorkFb

    I appointed AUCAM to install a home alarm and CCTV with several points, to a family home in Brunswick. Raghbir and the team were very professional installing the devices at short notice, subsequently setting up the associated Apps and explaining its use. About six months later I needed some major changes implemented to the system which could only be done at the base, and AUCAM was here within hours. Truly exceptional service (and product). I highly recommend he