Home Automation

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Control4 is the best solution for the whole automation of your home. Control4 is used to meet all the requirements of entertainment, smart lighting, safety & security, smart intercom installation and all other requirements which add more comfort to your life.

Heating and cooling solutions

Aucam Cinema in its efforts to provide best Home Automation solutions is also providing the Heating and cooling solutions.


Our home theater specialists have the best solution to provide you the entertainment you need at any place you want.

Multi-Zone Audio

Our installers are expert in installing a multi-zone audio system visually invisible to your building that can play different music for different zones.


Everything of value in one’s life needs security whether it is home, workplace, belongings or property of any kind.

Video intercom & doorbell

Through our best quality video intercoms and smart video doorbell, you can now accomplish a superior degree of security.


We install smart automatic lights to your home or workplaces that can automatically turn off in your absence.


Want to add more beauty & comfort to your home? The Auscam technology providing company is here to assist you. We offer adaptable home lighting automation solutions that will help you to have complete control over rooms’ lights and you can enjoy the convenience of whole-home management.

We provide you the solution if you want the lighting that suits your mood or you want to turn off all the lights automatically when you are outside of your home.


You can watch movies, talk shows and can entertain yourself at any place inside your house by installing Auscam Smart Home Theatre. This home theatre can be fully controlled by one single remote whenever and wherever you want.

Now you can enjoy your desired TV shows maintaining your comfort zone.

Multi zone Audio

Everyone likes to listen to music suitable to his choice. But at times, you find it difficult to shift your audio system at your desired place of the house. Auscam has the perfect solution to this problem.

We can install a high-quality Multi-Zone Audio System to your home. The primary benefit of this Multi-Zone Audio is control. You can control the whole system through your smartphone or tablet.

Customer Support

Our customer support team is always here to assist you. Feel free to contact us anytime.

Quality Gurantee

Our main focus is providing you the best quality services in your area. Our installers are constantly watched and monitored by a supervisor when it comes to the matter of providing quality services.

Experienced Trainers

We have a team of trained and experienced installers that can change your property to a smarter and more secured place.


We provide highly customizable home automation solutions suitable to your particular needs.