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Home Automation

Remote access

Enjoy the convenience of operating your home security and entertainment systems remotely. We can integrate your entertainment system with lighting, security, pool cleaning, heating and air-conditioning adding a sense of luxury to your lifestyle.

Your modern busy lifestyle means you may have to leave your home unattended for long periods of the day. When you go away on holidays, you don’t want passers-by knowing that your home is empty. That’s why home automation makes a lot of sense. You can be away from your home but manage your lighting and security systems so that your property is kept safe.

Even better, you can enjoy life even more by using home automation. As you drive home during extremes of weather, you can control your heating or air-conditioning to begin before you reach home. That makes your home more welcoming for all the family!

You can even include your pool cleaning system into the automated process saving you time and effort in keeping your pool in great shape, ready for you to relax and enjoy when you get home.

Aucam understands how a home automation system makes life easier and that you need to know that it is going to work effectively and efficiently every time. The first step our home automation system installers takes is to carefully plan the integration of all the components. Next, we ensure that the installation process is correct and as specified by the systems manufacturers. There is no point in taking a short cut in the installation process. Our customers need to know they can rely on the home automation system we have carefully selected for their home.


Imagine being able to integrate all the systems in your home from your mobile phone?

Experience the ultimate in taking control of your life. Clever systems that help you take care of everything no matter where you are. Home automation adds pleasure and security to your life.

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