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Delve into the Magic of Smart Home Automation Switch to the smart home along with the connectivity of the internet. Our top professional smart home automation services offer you to live a
comfortable and luxurious smart life along with your automated rooms at your home.

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Smart Lighting Management

Lighting works great to complement your mood. Also, the perfect lighting is excellent to ensures the beauty of your home. That is why Aucam smart technologies offers you smart home automation that looks incredibly good. Our outstanding service enables you to have great control over your lighting in each room, which allows you seamless management everywhere.

You can quickly turn on and off your lights automatically as per your convenience to live a life full of comfort.

Theatre and Multi-Zone Audio Installation

Turn your home into a theatre for unlimited fun and entertainment. Aucam smart technologies allows you to install a smart home theatre that you can easily remote control from wherever you want. Pick the shows that you want to watch.

Along with the smart multi-zone audio, unleash the listening of seamless music and audio of your choice. Our high – quality multi-audio zone installation gives you superior control over the immersive sound. Does it in a breeze with your smartphone?

Superior Security Devices

Along with our smart home automation security installation, the control of your money’s security system is totally in your hands. With the smart alarm and CCTV camera, door lock installation controls everything in your house.

Also, the protection of your family and assets gets doubled with automated security functions.

Aucam Smart Home Automation

We strive to make your life smart and full of comfort. And that is why our smart home system installation service gives you superb control over your home system and devices connected in one network.
We enable you to have remote control over your home functionalities so that you can live the smartness of life while enjoying it thoroughly.

Heating and cooling solutions

Along with Aucam Cinema, heating and cooling with smart features are no more dreams. We provide you the best quality solution that you can control from anywhere.


Our home theatre installation with smart functions allows you to have superb control over your home entertainment at any place in your home.

Multi-Zone Audio

Our multi-zone audio installation lets your house play the invisible sound systems from different zones to get immersive and precise sound quality with ultimate control.


Your security is our responsibility. Thus, we offer you a brilliant smart security system that gives you the utmost protection at your workplace and home that too equipped with smart devices.

Video intercom & doorbell

Our video intercom, along with the doorbell, gives you the smartness to control your visitors and enhance your house’s security to keep you and your family safe.


Light up your place the way you want. Our automatic lighting installation at your workplace and home lets you control your lights according to your presence. Aucam Cinema Installs all the Home Automation products of only the reckoned companies. Have a glimpse at the quality brands.

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We provide highly customizable home automation solutions suitable to your particular needs.

We install all the Smart Home Automation products of only the well-known companies

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