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Aucam Smart Technologies comes with the high grade CCTV installation at your home. We aim to make your smart house rich with security and safety.

Enhance Your Home’s Safety

Night Pro Vision

Switch to the best security system along with the Aucam CCTV installation service. Our top-notch quality CCTV & Camera system ensures the night provision to give you the clearest footage.

Two-way Audio

Highly efficient build two-way audio with microphones and speakers ensures the best way to ensure the highly anticipated security.

Motion Alarm

With the motion detection with the sensors in the CCTV camera, get the best alert when something is moving.


The Camera Supports


We won’t let you compromise with your security. Thus, the two-way audio support of our CCTV installation service ensures good sound listening with two-way talk capabilities. With both the built-in speaker and microphone, you can have great access to audio.

Unlock the Smart Security System

Aucam Cinema gets the best Camera & CCTV installation services. With superior interactive security with the notification feature and remote control along with built-in automation, get the best of safety at your home’s comfort.


Easy CCTV Installation

Aucam cinema ensures you the easiest and top-notch cctv installation services at your place. We assure you the best setup with smart automation that you can easily control through your smart devices and remote. Setting up the camera is easier with the top-notch verification service through the smart and secured authentication process.


Local Recording

Our camera installation ensures the best angles and service, which is going to help you with the local recording. Assure the proper coverage through the CCTV camera so that it can give you access to every high-alert place near your home and business area.




Aucam Cinema understands the need to stay on the verge of safety. This is why we strive to install the best cameras that give you clear coverage, even in the night situation. The IP cameras with night vision capture everything perfectly to ensure the best cctv installation

Unleash Modern LifeWith The Utmost Security

Ensuring the best security services is a paramount need for modern life situations. Whether you want to ensure a really smart lifestyle with maximized security or a really very top-notch data and asset safety in your business places, security is extremely anticipated. Hence switch to the modern way of security services along with Aucam Cinema CCTV & camera installation services to stay covered in every way

All You Need

Aucam Cinema Services work as the all-in-one service provider for your all security and smart home installation need. Add intelligence to your interior with brilliant quality services. Aucam Cinema understands your wish to live a modern and comfortable life steeped with enhanced security.





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Easy to scale video surveillance and monitoring

Aucam Cinema assures you of the installation of a CCTV camera, which comes with the superior functionality of scalability for video surveillance with enhanced monitoring.


Intelligent VMS integration

Our security camera installation service includes the incorporation of powerful and intuitive VMS, which is intelligent. The easy interface gives access to smart AI and analytics.


Remote control on smart security

The camera installation service ensures flexible user permission with the best control in your hands. You can remote control the footage from anywhere and all the time.


Convenient video surveillance setup

We assure you of the installation of top-notch video surveillance that you can easily set up as your need. The video system goes compatible with the analog cameras and existing IP for better service.


Cloud-based CCTV installation

Aucam Cinema provides you the installation of fully reliable cloud-based video and CCTV installation. The system comes with proper privacy encryption.


Video Intercom system

We offer you the best set up of video doorbell systems which give you better access to whoever is coming to your door, to ensure the best security.

Customer Support

Our customer support team is always here to assist you. Feel free to contact us anytime.

Quality Gurantee

Our main focus is providing you the best quality services in your area. Our installers are constantly watched & monitored by a supervisor when it comes to the matter of providing quality service.

Experienced Trainers

We have a team of trained and experienced installers that can change your property to a smarter and more secured place.


We provide highly customizable home automation solutions suitable to your particular needs.

We install all the products that are used for networking purposes of only the well-known companies

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