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Access Control

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Executive Protection

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24/7 Monitoring

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Top-notch computerized CCTV cameras have now become the basic requirement for each business, property or asset to work as a first guard in case of any security issue.

The mind-boggling scope of Auscam’s CCTV cameras implies you’re very certain to have an eye on every spot where your physical presence was required previously. Now you don’t have to physically present at each spot that value for you, on account of the innovation of CCTV cameras. Auscam gives you the facility of excellent modern cameras to ensure that everything, whether it is your stock, workers, customers or the general public, must be under your eyes.


For the security of your assets, the smart security alarms of Auscam provide you peace of mind all the time. Taking benefits from modern technology, now you and your team don’t need to worry to monitor each spot of your property by giving it a visit. You simply need to install top-notch security sensors that will caution you if anything goes through your security alert entryway. You and your team can monitor all these security alarms via smartphone or PC.


To accomplish a superior degree of security, the installation of video intercom is the best solution. At the point when you can’t compromise on your security in any way or don’t need any unapproved access across your property’s entryway, an intercom integrated with an access control solution makes perfect sense.

In your house, you can now install smart intercoms and can answer a video call by just touching on the smart panel of your intercom. Moreover, you can also install multi-room intercom systems with additional cameras to watch every movement of the individuals who have been given access inside your property



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